Sky Quality


A home is a haven, a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life— but what happens when a home is less than ideal?

Since its inception in 2008, SkyWorld believes in building responsibly to deliver a quality Sky Living experience in a sustainable environment. We have upped our game by boldly committing to quality finishing by providing QLASSIC or CONQUAS compliance in all our developments. Therefore you can rest assured that your home will fulfil your expectations with minimal defects and give you peace of mind. We believe that everyone can and should be able to own a quality home. So, when you consider a SkyWorld home, you can be sure of our quality commitment to you.

Quality Pledge

  1. SkyWorld will always uphold quality as the cornerstone of our brand, so that you can enjoy your home for generations to come.
  2. Ensure our projects will be certified to the following industry standards:
    QLASSIC 70%-80% and Green Building Index
  3. That the SkyWorld Quality Centre, and all that it showcases, is our word and our bond.

On the 18th of April 2017, we have cemented our commitment to quality by announcing an investment of over RM3.8 million to build our SkyWorld Quality Centre, the first of its kind in Malaysia. This centre doubles as a training centre for our staff and contractors, and a sharing hub for SkyWorld business partners, prospective home buyers and the public who want to know more about the quality of certified workmanship in Malaysia.



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